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Chris Blockus creative producer

a groundbreaking organization

Chris Blockus is the founder of interactive outdoor theatre (iot), one of the tri-state area's most welcoming and innovative performing arts communities. Through iot, Chris produces captivating, immersive worlds that eliminate the boundary between performer and audience and achieve front page and television news coverage. Chris leads a dynamic team comprised of theatrical professionals, system designers, and local artisans, and ensures that all iot productions and products meet high standards of quality and sustainability.

a commitment to detail

Chris is well known for developing sophisticated plots that craft moments of unanticipated delight and insight, but less well known is that Chris is also the creative mastermind behind many of the unique objects that populate iot's diverse worlds. From concept to artifact, Chris manufactures a wide range of props that provide performers with the tools they need to explore and play within the worlds he and his team create. In fact, many of Chris's designs will soon be available through the iot boutique so performers can finally outfit their dreams with iot-quality items of their own.

a lifetime of industry experience

Prior to founding iot, Chris spent more than a decade as an event planner, emcee, and dj for his own entertainment company as well as for Major Productions founder Randi Rae, who helped to literally write the book on success in the mobile entertainment industry, the award-winning Affair 2 Remember Entertainment, and the improv comedy troupe Mixed Signals. Chris has served as a consultant and performer in multiple stage shows and taught popular drama and improv classes to students throughout central New Jersey.